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Go Review Partner ("GRP") is a tool to help analyze and review your games of go (weiqi, baduk) using bots.

GRP is not yet another SGF editor, it won't allow you to view or modify (adding variations or comments) an existing SGF file.

Instead, it takes one existing SGF and "feed it" to a bot (currently, GnuGo, Leela, Ray and AQ are supported) then has the bot give its "opinion" on the best moves to play for each game position. GRP proposes a nice interface to review all those data.

Source code

GRP is free software distributed under the GNU GPL version 3 or later. This means that you can use, study, modify and redistribute - either gratis or for a fee - the program. See the license text for details.

Source code is available on Github: https://github.com/pnprog/goreviewpartner


Documentation is available there.


You can chech the documentation (see above) for screen_shots.

Bundled download for Windows

Here is a list of zip packages for easy download and setting. If you don't know with one to pick, Leela CPU download is the recommanded choice.

Leela 0.11 (CPU only) Download If you do not know what bot to pick, go for this one.
Leela 0.11 (GPU with OpenCL) Download
AQ 2.1.1 (CPU only) Download
AQ 2.1.1 (GPU with Cuda) Download
Ray rn-4.32 Download Requires CNTK to be installed: https://github.com/Microsoft/CNTK/releases
Gnu Go Download Suitable for slow/old computers (32-bits)
Leela Zero Download Leela Zero is still an experimental project, choose that one only if you are following that project.
No bot Download This is GRP without any bot, in case you already have the bots installed on your computer. You will need to configure the bots you want to use through the setting panel.

For GNU/Linux and MacOS

For GNU/Linux and MacOS, you need to download the Python source code from Github, and run the application using Python. Check the documentation for detailed instructions.

HayLee Leela Zero match game review

Following the HayLee vs Leela Zero game on OGS on 2018-03-15, I reconstructed the RSGF file using the log created by Leela Zero, as black during the match, and completing with an analyis for white move with same network.

Contact, suggestions & questions

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